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Getting financing should not be a stressful experience. Whether you need a new mortgage, a refinance, or want to payoff debt, Cleve DeSouza can make it happen. He brings a longstanding experience in both residential and commercial real estate. His reputation for being sincere, straightforward, and knowledgeable has earned him the respect of his clients and financial institutions throughout the Toronto area.

Cleve will work directly with you to understand your financial needs and customize the best solution to help you achieve your goals. Best of all, he will make the entire process easy and stress free. That is what it means when Cleve does more.

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How Cleve Does More

With so many lending options, conditions, and institutional red tape getting a mortgage can be an overwhelming and stressful experience without an advisor to simplify the process for you.

For many, Cleve has become a pillar of calm and comfort because he knows how to manage your situation in logical simple steps and plain English. Cleve takes the time to learn and understand your unique needs, package you for market and source the best solution for you beyond what his competitor would call unnecessary effort. He will research what financial products are available, compare rates, then present his recommendation to you in a timely, clear and transparent manner.

Cleve has over 10 years of experience in real estate investing and financing and manage portfolio of over 10 billion dollars. You can be confident that Cleve will help you accomplish your financial objectives through is unique methodology and systematic approach to negotiating that is proven to yield desired results. Count on him to apply his years of experience as an engineer, a project manager and a real estate professional to get the job done.

The Lowest Rate

The rate advertised by your bank may not always be what it seems. A number of factors can influence the rate you actually pay such as

  • How much business you currently do with the bank
  • The payment terms and size of the loan you need
  • Whether you’re self employed
  • Your credit history
  • Your current debt, income, and assets

As a licenced Mortgage Broker, Cleve has access to rates and services not typically available to the general public. He can shop around on your behalf and negotiate the best rate and the best terms. Best of all, in many cases this service comes at no charge to you.*

* Depending on the financial institution that issues the loan. Contact Cleve for more information.

What makes Cleve different

With so many mortgage professionals out there, it can be challenging finding the right one. After all, they all have access to the same resources, receive the same training, and meet the same industry standards.

So what makes Cleve DeSouza different?

Beyond his 10 years of negotiating experience with a track record over 25 million dollars in real estate deals and manages over 10 billion portfolio, you have chosen a true professional that upholds his license and certification in engineering, project management, real estate finance and personality science. Cleve is about deepening his relationships with clients, lenders and other in the market place to get YES’ every time while other mortgage professionals struggle find the skill and level integrity necessary to serve your underlying needs.

“My goal is to give people what they truly want,” says Cleve. “Everybody will tell they want money or they want a mortgage. But what they really want is to live a stress free life. The money is just a piece of that puzzle.”

A family man with holdings and investments in a number of companies, Cleve understands the relationship between money and quality of life.

“I know rich people who are miserable and poor people who are happy,” says Cleve. “If you’re not happy, chances are money will not make you happier. It’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness. But money can help you get the things you want like less debt, a new home, or some financial security. And those things can contribute to you being happy.”

cleve desouza mortgages and load in toronto

Cleve’s focus on integrity and transparency have made him a sought after advocate to represent his clients with easy or hard to approval circumstances on residential or commercial mortgages. He goes beyond the call of duty and upholds his fiduciary duty to clients, like you, and the lending industry as a whole. Unequivocally, he tells it like it is and offers solutions that are suited to your unique situation and get the job done on time.

Cleve’s investing expertise, along with his access to vast financial resources, has allowed his clients to experience first class service delivered with honesty and speed.

“In the end, it’s not about getting a loan. It’s about getting the best loan that makes the client happy,” says Cleve. “When I say I do more, it’s because I put the needs of my clients come first. I diligently shop around, negotiate, and collaborate with them to ensure they make an informed choice with their mortgage.” Cleve model is to eliminate surprises and pilot his clients successfully through the approval process as smoothly as possible, no matter their situation.

I’m a First Time Home Buyer

I’m a First Time Home Buyer

Nothing is more exciting than shopping for your first home. Open houses, online searches, and checking out new neighbourhoods all add to the experience.

However many new home buyers don’t realize the importance of working with a trusted mortgage advisor, like me, to protect them from common pit falls when buying their first home or investment property. Clients appreciate Cleve when they work with him to plan and structure the mortgage ahead of shopping and signing the purchase sale because the process to get approved is easier and faster. Too many first time buyers get into real estate contracts and later find on the eleventh hour that they don’t have mortgage. This could cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars when you don’t plan your mortgage in advance with Cleve. And don’t think you are safe with the bank either, as I have rescued many people who come to me in tears because they were under the false believe that they had mortgage approved when they don’t.

Cleve wants to make sure you can home shop with confidence by ensuring your mortgage is structured and is set for quick and easy approval at the best rate and terms. One application to many lenders stimulates competition and you can count on Cleve to make the best recommendation. The uncomfortable truth is that the competition typically stop short on this competitive shopping process and you end up overpaying for your mortgage. Would your bank shop your mortgage for you just give you what the have at the time? You also have the luxury of having Cleve present you with each institution’s best offers at the same time, making comparison shopping easy for you.

Shop for your next home or buy an investment property with confidence knowing that Cleve has help you plan and set your mortgage for quick and easy approval. Cleve is also a resource to make sure you purchase is economically sound and you’re not over paying.

I Need To Access My Money

Cleve knows that when you need money, you need it now. And that you want access to it on time and with as little no stress as possible. Cleve helps his clients, like you, successfully refinance their existing mortgage to accomplish a variety of goals:

  • Fund renovations
  • Make investments
  • Cover Personal Emergencies
  • Stop Power of Sales
  • Payoff Taxes
  • Settle Divorces
  • Lower Monthly Payments

Cleve has been creatively restructuring mortgages for over 10 years both with residential and commercial type mortgages. His solutions driven process and diligence with your application means you will get your money in your hand on time. Best of all, you have him as a your trusted resource for best advice.

I want to reduce my debtI Want to Get Out of Debt

Being house rich and cash poor is not a recipe for financial success!  The credit cards and other high interest debts have a way of slowing you down. It makes you hesitant to take advantage of opportunities, or to enjoy life to the fullest. Cleve helps people restructure and consolidate debts to lower their overall interest and monthly payments. This often helps to repair your credit and puts you back in high credit standing. Improving your cashflow can mean the world to you because it relieves the pain of constantly trying to keep up with the debt payments.

A debt at 50,000 @ 20% interest and consolidated at 12% will save you will save you over $6,000. For some people this savings has been 10s or even 100s of thousands of dollars per year. Don’t let the debt burden get ahead of you because you have better options.

Talk to Cleve to have a customized consolidation plan is created just for you to become debt free and have a better lifestyle. Cleve takes the time to find out your priorities, and then show how to save money with debt restructuring strategies. And you don’t have to get payday loan, file proposal or bankruptcy.  Part of debt solutions is also includes a comprehensive financial plan that you can use to ensure you make best use of your money and to have financial security.

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